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Buying a Home in Bellevue Washington


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You need someone who knows this area inside and out! I can work with you to find the right home at the right price for you, including all the neighborhood amenities that matter - not to mention the essential criteria you have for your ideal home.


Here at Evergreen Global Real Estate, we work with home buyers throughout the globe to find their dream home in Bellevue Washington and the surrounding communities. We want to make your home buying process simple, straight-forward, and successful!  Whether you're ready to buy today or a year from now, one of the first things you'll want to do is take a look at the available homes for sale.  This website has been designed with you in mind.  From the home page, you can navigate through the entire inventory of available homes for sale from the state's Northwest Multiple Listing Service.  The website's inventory is updated throughout the day to ensure that everything you see is current.  You'll be able to set up your very own user profile, which is secure and private, and allows you to set up listing alerts so you can receive emails as soon as the homes you're looking for come up for sale.  Nothing could be easier that that!  In addition, use the Market Insider tab at the top of the page to learn more about the real estate market in different communities, including school zones, walkability scores, etc.  We update the Market Insider monthly, and it's a great way to stay on top of real estate trends.


If you have questions about a particular home for sale, or about the home buying process in general, contact Managing Broker Marie Haydock at the phone and email above.  We know that questions always come to mind before, during, and after home buying and we're here to help.  Don't hesitate to reach out anytime.



Selling a Home in Bellevue Washington


Contact: 425-495-0394


When it's time to move, you need someone who will advertise your home, show to prospective buyers, negotiate the purchase contract, arrange financing, oversee the inspections, handle all necessary paperwork and supervise the closing. I can take care of everything you need, from start to close.


No two homes are alike, and each day presents new opportunities and challenges; so true when it comes to selling your home in Bellevue, WA.  We here at Evergreen Global Real Estate take a unique approach to selling your home.  We believe that each home has its own identity and its own story to tell.  We capture that story and share it with the world, to draw in the ideal buyer that will pay top dollar for your home.  Our marketing services are second to none, utilizing the latest technologies and business strategies to bring together well qualified buyers and motivated sellers for a successful sale.  Selling your home should be a positive, and rewarding experience.  


Contact Managing Broker Marie Haydock at the phone and email above to discuss your plans and how we can be of service.

"Marie was such a dream to work with! She was so kind and patient. It was time for me to downsize and find a little place just for myself, and Marie took the time to walk me through everything I needed to do to get my home ready to sell and she found a lovely cottage for me to move into nearby. She understood just what I needed. It had been many years since I had purchased a home, and everything was so different. I'm so glad I had her to help me."

  -Laura P. - Washington Housing Authority Retired, Client

""Marie helped me sell my house, when everyone told me it couldn't be done. I had bought my house just a year ago, when the real estate market was falling, and in the past year the market continued to drop. I needed to sell, but I didn't want to lose money on it either. I just stayed focused on the outcome I wanted, and looked for an agent to help me. I had met some others, but no one seemed right until I had a chance to talk with Marie. I listed my house with her and within a month we had multiple offers and I sold the house for more than I bought it for a year earlier! She's truly a light beautiful soul, and I'm so happy we worked together.""

  -Derek K. - Massage Therapist, Client

"“I had been looking at homes online everyday for over a year before I was ready to buy a house. I gave Marie a call and told her about the homes I had found that I wanted to see. We looked at places for several days and none of them were really right. I thought it would be easy, but when you see the homes in person they’re not always like you expect, so I was pretty disappointed. But, Marie really listened and finally she said “why don’t we look at one I’ve found.” As we were driving to the house, I was reading the listing information and I said “Wow, I love it already!” The home had every feature I had said I wanted. Don’t know why I never saw it earlier. Marie really helped make buying my first home possible. I know I will be working with her for years.”"

  -Calvin F. - Boeing, Client

""My fiance and I had been thinking about buying our first home together for about a year. We weren't sure what our options were. When we contacted Marie, she took the time to walk us through our options, and suggested communities we would like and would be close to our work. Now we have a townhouse that's perfect for us! It has a 2 car garage, and huge kitchen, and it's less than a mile to go shopping. I couldn't believe we could find something like this, and it's been wonderful! I highly recommend working with Marie.""

  -Vicki L. - Chase Bank, Client

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