8 Unmistakable Signs You've Found the Perfect Home

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8 Unmistakable Signs You’ve Found the Perfect Home


If you’re looking for homes for sale in Bellevue, WA and have been searching for a while, you may develop decision fatigue. After a while, all the properties start to look the same, and hey, wait a minute--haven’t you already looked at that house?
Never fear, the perfect house for you is out there. Don’t let what can be a daunting process keep you from finding your dream home. Keep your eyes on the prize and look for these eight unmistakable signs you’ve found the perfect house.


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It’s in a Great Location

The right house for you has to be in a wonderful location. If you find a nice house but it’s a two-hour work commute or it's located in the middle of a super busy business zone, take it off your list! Things that make an ideal location for a house:

• Reasonable commute to work, school, and other activities
• A neighborhood that’s attractive and well kept up
• An area with steady or increasing real estate values
• Good school district for kids
• Nearby access to major thoroughfares but not too close to traffic
• Safe neighborhood for the entire household
• Amenities in the vicinity, like shopping, houses of worship, entertainment, restaurants, parks, etc.
• Community amenities for condos and townhomes, like a fitness center, concierge, or clubhouse.
• Pet-friendly, whether by condominium rules or nearby green space
• You will easily find tenants, if purchasing an investment property to rent out

The perfect house should be situated in the right kind of neighborhood for you. If you love the country, open roads and lots of pastures should abound. If you are an urbanite, you want to be able to go out your door and find everything within a few blocks. The vibe of the area should match yours: upscale, artsy, family oriented, boho, or bike-friendly.

Although even the most incredible house may make you think you’ll be there forever, know that sometimes life throws changes at you. Your family may grow, you could become an empty nester, or you may get a transfer at work, forcing you to sell the home.

Always purchase a house with the idea that if you had to sell it, it would likely hold its value by virtue of where it’s located. Remember the first rule of real estate really is: location, location, location.


It’s the Right Size

The perfect house has to be the right size, within reason. If you need four bedrooms, a two-bedroom property, no matter how turnkey or how nice the neighborhood, will ultimately make you feel cramped and resentful.

Think carefully about your space needs:

• How many bedrooms do you need, at a minimum?
• How many baths must you have?
• Do you need a formal dining room?
• How much additional recreation or home office space do you need?
• Does the home have adequate storage, including the garage?

Don’t forget to include the yard. If you have kids or pets, or if you need a place to entertain your family on hot summer days, outdoor space is key.


It Has Most of Your Desired Features

The chances of finding a home that ticks every single box on your list are pretty slim. However, in addition to adequate space, the right house for you should have at least most of the features that are important for you like:

• Fireplace
• Gourmet or eat-in kitchen
• En suite master bath
• Extra bedroom with an en suite bath
• Powder room for guests
• Outdoor living space, like a porch, deck, or patio
• Pool or hot tub
• Architectural details that match your personal style
Basement or finished basement
• Easy-clean floors or kid- and pet-friendly surfaces
• Security system
• Energy efficient appliances and/or HVAC
• Central air conditioning
• Garage and/or adequate driveway parking
• One-level layout for accessibility
• Convenient, on-site laundry

Be realistic about which features you absolutely have to have, and which would be nice bonuses. You may not find everything above but you have a good chance of finding a house with a fireplace, a master suite, and a garage. If looking for a home with a partner or family, try to find features that everyone can agree on, and be ready to make a compromise or two.


It Requires an Amount of Work You Can Handle

The downside of the current popularity of home makeover shows is that many people think they too can tackle major renovations and DIY projects. When seeking the perfect house for you, look for one that meets your ability, budget, and tolerance for remodeling. A little interior painting is one thing; ripping out a kitchen is another.

Always budget for more time and money than what you initially expect if you plan to do renovations on a new home. Can you live with your bathroom torn up for months on end? Do you really have the time and skill to turn the porch into a family room? It’s perfectly okay to want a house that is move-in ready.


It’s in Your Price Range

The perfect home for you is always in your price range. That doesn’t necessarily mean the listing price but it should be close. You may be able to negotiate $10 or $20 thousand but usually not $100 thousand, unless there is something seriously defective, the property is grossly overpriced, or you have an amazing offer, such as all cash and can close tomorrow.

Save yourself the heartache of looking at homes you know you can’t afford. Stick to your price range and don’t let anyone convince you to spend more than you know you can manage.


The Sellers Are Easy to Work With

Once you tender an offer on a property, the ideal place will have sellers that work reasonably with you. You may have some back and forth but the negotiations should be pleasant and not drag on for months and months. The sellers and their agent shouldn’t make outrageous requests or seem like they are hiding something from you.


The Inspection and Appraisal Went Well

Your potential mortgage lender will order an appraisal on a home you want to purchase. You want the appraisal to match what you are paying for the property or you won’t get the loan you want.

Likewise, you will be ordering an inspection on the home. The perfect house won’t have major defects or things you can’t either fix yourself or negotiate for in the asking price.


Your Mortgage Loan Was Approved

Of course, with the perfect house, your mortgage loan application will be approved. Congratulations!

The top real estate agents Bellevue, WA home buyers work with recommend looking at the factors above when deciding if a house is right for you. You can find the perfect house if you set your priorities, remain realistic, and concentrate on homes that truly meet your needs.