Is Location Really All that Important?

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Is Location Really All That Important?


If you’re looking for a home, you may have heard someone say the three most important things to check are “Location, location, location.” If you’re wondering if that’s true, read on to learn seven reasons why location should be a key factor when hunting for homes for sale in Bellevue, WA.


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You can change everything about a house except its location.

Given enough of a budget, you can literally tear a house down to the studs and completely renovate the interior. You can reside the exterior and have the grounds professionally landscaped. But you can’t change the location.

A home that needs feasible work in a great location is usually a better pick than a turnkey one in a less desirable neighborhood. You can always upgrade the home as you are able, knowing you’ll enjoy the location and the home will hold its value.


The curb appeal of surrounding homes is important.

As you approach a home, check out the curb appeal of the surrounding homes, which will provide a good idea of the people in the neighborhood too. Are the properties well kept up or run down? Not only do you have to see these homes every day for however long you live in the home, but their appeal can also affect the resale value of your home should you want to move.


The view from the home can change your experience there.

Aside from the condition of your neighbors’ houses, other views are important as well. Don’t forget that whatever you see through your windows becomes part of your interior decor. If a home looks out over a pretty garden, park lands, or water, you will enjoy the view more and won’t have to disguise it with blinds or shutters. Think of how depressing it could be to look at the back of a factory or a dingy alley every day.

One thing to be wary of when purchasing a home is land around you that is subject to change. If there are unbuilt lots for sale or there is an empty real estate development, the possibility exists that construction could take place there once you’re in the home. Not only could that ruin your view, but it could also create noise and dust that goes on for years, with an increase in traffic too.


Traffic and major intersections have their pros and cons.

Nearby traffic, a location on a through street, and a home close to a major intersection are typically negatives for most home buyers. Traffic brings noise, air pollution, accidents, and the opportunity for theft when people have an easy way to exit the area quickly.

However, proximity to large thoroughfares or well-known corners can be beneficial if you like to get to work quickly or have a home business you want clients to find easily. You need to weigh the ups and downs of the location for your situation. Select the quietest home you can that is still convenient so you don’t lose value by purchasing too close to a less desirable part of the neighborhood.


Nearby amenities can be a bonus.

Most people are looking for that holy grail of homes: one that is far enough away from traffic to have a quiet atmosphere and yet close enough to amenities. Look for the availability of these places when seeking a new home, depending on your unique needs:

•             Schools

•             Shopping

•             Services, like gas, dry cleaning, and veterinarians

•             Recreation

•             Houses of worship

•             Green space

•             Public transportation


Some neighborhood elements can be a bother.

While some businesses in your neighborhood would certainly be welcome, like a coffee shop or bookstore, others can be more of a curse than a blessing. It’s great to have your local fire department close enough for emergencies, for example, but you don’t want them on your block, or all you’ll hear all day long is the wail of sirens. Other institutions that can be a nuisance because of their inherent noise, clientele, and traffic include:

•             Factories and warehouses

•             Commercial farms

•             Utility companies

•             Hospitals (think ambulances and helicopters)

•             Freeways

•             Airports

•             Train and bus stations

•             Railroad and trolley tracks

•             Bars and pubs

•             Liquor stores and mini marts

•             Hotels and car rental agencies

•             Truck stops

•             Drive-through fast food chains

•             Car dealerships and automotive repair facilities

•             Arenas, stadiums, and large-scale sports complexes

When you’re hunting for a new home, give careful consideration to the location. Be willing to go with a slightly smaller property or one that needs a little TLC if it’s in a great neighborhood. When speaking to the top real estate agents Bellevue, WA residents depend on, they will all say, “Location, location, location” should be a top criterion.